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St. John Valley Cultural Byway

The St. John Valley Cultural Byway is a working Byway, but more importantly, it is a cultural journey. Hewn from many political conflicts, border disputes and treatise resolutions that resulted in deportation, migration, exile, and expansion, the historical and cultural remnants are a well-preserved testimony to past struggles and triumphs. The St. John Valley Cultural Byway is a place like no other, where communities still celebrate their ancestry, from the Maine Acadians to the Scotch-Irish settlements; from the Native American tribes of the Wesget Sipu, Maliseet, and Mi’kmaq to the French-Canadian or ―Quebecois‖. This is a place of cultural traditions where it is as common to hear the French language as it is English. Small-town values and helpful, knowledgeable locals leave visitors with a lasting impression and sense of place, which they are eager to recount to their friends and family. The St. John Valley Cultural Byway exhibits a heritage and a way of life as it once was and how it continues to be. Photo Courtesy: Daniel Picard

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Photos Courtesy: Daniel Picard and Sheila Jans





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